Love this list, thank you. I might add Gross Revenue Retention to it.

“Gross revenue retention refers to the percentage of total revenue a company retains from its existing customer base over a specific period, typically a year. It calculates the revenue generated from existing customers, excluding revenue from new customer acquisitions, upsells, or cross-sells. Gross revenue retention helps measure the ability of a business to retain and expand revenue from its existing customers, providing insights into customer satisfaction, loyalty, and overall business health. A higher gross revenue retention rate indicates a stronger ability to retain customers and generate recurring revenue.”

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Appreciate this deeply researched and thoughtfully presented article. These 10 metrics definitely resonate well with me. One thing to add is to know if one is working in a Cost vs Profit Center as per the company delineation. Depending on the company/vertical they play in, the challenges one will need to overcome will vary widely. For example, the challenges from being in the Product org in a Platform Team at a Cost Center like IT/SRE like Axon vs Growth/Profit Center like Twitter/Yelp are night and day.

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Love it

Thanks a lot

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